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When you’re thinking about your retirement in Colorado Springs, Colo., you might come up with any number of scenarios. Some people will be thrilled to get the time off so they can pursue their dreams at will. Others will be anxious about everything from inflation to how well their 401(k) will hold up over the years. If you’re interested in learning more about turning your retirement into everything you’ve always wanted, A.G. DuCros Advisory, LLC may be able to help. At this boutique firm, you’ll get all the advice you need (and more) to leverage your assets. This is personalized information you can use to build a nest egg that can cover your expenses and still leave something left over for the next generation. Whether you plan to use the money on first-class air travel or to finance your grandchildren’s education, Antoine is here to explore your options and find solutions that work for you.

The Promise of Secure Monthly Income

As a cornerstone of financial theory, a secure monthly income is meant to function like your paycheck does. You know how much is coming in, when it will arrive, and what asset it’s tied to in your portfolio. You can lean on anything from monthly checks from rental properties to Social Security benefits to pension withdrawals for your income, but the key is to diversify. A qualified financial advisor will use as many sources as possible, ensuring that you are comfortable no matter how long your retirement is. If you feel a little lost when it comes to piecing together your portfolio, there’s no reason to worry. Whether you invest in the traditional markets or decide to do something a little different (e.g., going after the promise of new technology), Antoine can guide you on whatever path you choose. Throughout it all, there are just three things you need to do:

1. Figure out what you can save.
2. Let your financial advisor aggressively manage a portion of your wealth.
3. Make your retirement plans without having to worry about how much they cost!

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Social Security is a program that’s been around for nearly a century, and most people understand that it functions very differently today than it did when it was first introduced. Back in the 1930s, retirees could conceivably rely on the social safety net to help them pay for their expenses so they could still leave an inheritance for their children. Today, this expectation has all but evaporated. In fact, you may have dismissed it entirely as an income source for your retirement. Financial advisor Antoine G. DuCros can tell you that this is a mistake.

Why You Should Be Maximizing Social Security

If you live in Colorado Springs, Colo., the social system is best used as a supplement for the rest of your secured income. If you’re wondering how to maximize Social Security, it starts with understanding how its (many) clauses work for or against your financial interests. What you receive every month is tied to how much you contributed over your professional life and what sector you chose for your career. At A.G. DuCros Advisory, LLC, you can talk to a professional who has seen how the program can play a key role in your retirement goals. How you file determines your benefit statements, and making even a single mistake can result in thousands of dollars lost overall the years you collect. Correcting errors is possible, but the process is complex and often fraught with a lot of frustration. Talking to a professional is a great way to get peace of mind that you’re getting all that’s owed to you. Most people have had money taken from their paychecks for this program since they were teenagers, and there’s nothing wrong with getting some of it back by the time you’re ready to leave your 9 to 5. Antoine is here to help you navigate all the forms, so you can be confident that your first check is for the maximum amount you deserve.


When people think of asset wealth management, they might picture anything from casual coupon clipping to aggressive forex trading. When the term is used in financial circles, though, it typically refers to the ways in which high-net-worth individuals and families allocate their funds across a variety of assets. Because they have so much to manage, they often leave it in the hands of a trusted financial advisor, one who understands what’s at stake if holdings are allowed to languish or otherwise go ignored.

Find Asset and Wealth Management Companies in Colorado Springs, Colo.

At A.G. DuCros Advisory, LLC, Antoine is a veritable expert in his field. He knows that managing an individual’s wealth is more than just going over a portfolio and calculating its returns. It takes constant attention to monitor the margins and then adjust them based on everything from the global markets to personal events taking place in a client’s life. The best asset and wealth management strategies are those that bring your portfolio into sharper focus. Even people with diverse interests should be able to identify key themes in their investment patterns before streamlining each account so it matches the individual’s larger retirement goals. A good financial advisor can make a world of difference when it comes to organizing it all. No matter how you’ve amassed your wealth, whether through systematic purchases and steady returns or a one-time windfall, knowing what to do with it all can be difficult. True wealth investment takes a lot of time and energy, two resources that busy professionals don’t always have to spare. A financial advisor essentially goes over every applicable avenue to look for hidden opportunities that may have gone unnoticed for years. Tax deferment, account conversion, charitable gifts: there are a nearly infinite number of combinations that can be used to conserve your wealth during the worst of times and catapult it during the best. Leaning on the expertise of Antoine can be exactly what’s needed to take your holdings to the next level.

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Assets can be anything from classic lunchboxes to highly lucrative (and highly risky) stock options. Because each one is unique, it can be difficult to keep them all straight. When you have the right financial advisor, it’s easier to keep track of what you have and how much money it’s making you. At A.G. DuCros Advisory, LLC, you’ll find professionals who can tell you more about how each holding is performing and what you can do to optimize returns. They can make moves at the right time, so you can grow your portfolio before you reach your retirement age.

Assets Under Management Strategies in Colorado Springs, Colo.

For some people, investing is an instinctive process. For others, it’s a slow and plodding process, and it can feel as though you never really have the right answer. No matter which camp you fall into, the first investment is usually a banner occasion. However, over time, your assets can quickly get jumbled together. If you don’t want to lose track of which ones are actually serving your bottom line, Antoine can untangle them one by one, so you have a better idea of what your finances can (and should) be. Assets under management services are designed to keep your portfolio fresh. When you know more about the latest opportunities, you stand a better chance of choosing ones that will net real profits that can turn your golden years into everything you imagined them to be. Antoine takes the time to go over the pros and cons of each decision, all the while keeping in mind your investment preferences and risk tolerance. He’s also there to push his clients toward the edges of their comfort zone. Those who would prefer to play it safe may be encouraged to branch out a little. Those who love to live on the edge might be asked to rein it in. It’s all a part of building wealth that will eventually take you where you want to go.


Investing as a resident in Colorado Springs, Colo., is a way to elevate your portfolio, fill out the gaps, and pave the path toward a more comfortable retirement. The big question is: what’s the best way to do this? If you don’t have a lot of time to overcomplicate spreadsheets and complex financial jargon, it may help to talk to a financial advisor who can help you make heads or tails of the matter. At A.G. DuCros Advisory, LLC, you can speak with a professional who knows the market on a deeper level and can point you toward the opportunities that make sense. Antoine is known for his ability to break down the finer points of how your investments are performing now and what can be done to maximize returns on a long-term basis.

Investment Advice You Can Trust

Because investment can be such a personal matter, it can be difficult to really trust the guidance you receive. If you’re largely risk-averse, it may even feel intrusive. The key is to find an expert who will respect how you invest, but who will also help you branch out if and when it’s necessary. For instance, you may be able to explore related sectors within your portfolio or allocate more resources toward emerging assets. If you’re largely choosing tech stocks, you may want to look into the sectors that your chosen companies are improving. If you’re focusing solely on real estate, you may want to look into how different REITs function, and how the rules can fit into your larger retirement plan. A good financial advisor will be able to streamline your portfolio without sacrificing its diversity. As anyone who’s ever tried to invest on their own can confirm, it’s much easier said than done. Antoine DuCros is available to not only answer your questions, but also to give you the insight that you simply can’t find through a Google search. While the market evolves on a second-by-second basis, he’s there to put it in perspective for you.

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Retirement income planning is the process of replacing your steady monthly paycheck. Ideally, you won’t want anything to change just because you’re not working any longer: you should be every bit as protected during your golden years as you are during your working years. If you’re wondering how to plan your retirement income, a qualified financial advisor in Colorado Springs, Colo., can make a world of difference. If you’re interested in finding out just how many sources of secured income there are to be found, A.G. DuCros Advisory, LLC is here to serve you. And you might be surprised at the avenues available.

How Much Do I Need to Retire?

This standard question is one that often comes with stock answers (e.g., $1 million). Antoine understands that there’s a lot more to this equation than just quoting seven figures, though. In fact, it depends on how you plan to spend your retirement and what you hope to accomplish for your descendants. Retirement planning is often boiled down in the minds of the public to something like a pension or 401(k). For a financial advisor, though, there is a far more diverse set of options. Part-time job income, Social Security, rental checks, stock dividends: these are really just the beginning. For every source of secure income you can identify, your retirement gets that much more comfortable. It sets you up to financially handle anything from a long-term illness to an unexpected request to fund a grandchild’s education. “How much to retire?” doesn’t have to be a difficult question once you work out the basics of how you plan to live once you hit your retirement age. Some people will want to travel all over the globe; others will want to take a part-time job working in a field they’re passionate about, like a music store or a vineyard. Antoine understands that retirement is far from one-size-fits-all, which is why he provides customized advice for all his clients.


When taxes have been embroiled in nearly every aspect of your financial life for years on end, you might not be able to picture your world without them. A tax-free retirement may even sound like little more than a utopian-style fantasy. However, the scenario may be far more achievable than you think. A financial advisor might not be able to change the details of the tax codes, but they can work within the system, so you can rest assured you’re not paying more than you need to. (Uncle Sam already demands a lot from you; there’s no need to give a tip on top of it all!)

Navigating Your Taxes in Colorado Springs, Colo.

The point of a tax-free retirement is to give yourself more freedom when it comes to your finances. So, if you want to focus your money on a cause you’re passionate about (e.g., poverty or environmental conservation), you can allocate more of your resources. Or, maybe you will choose to defer your taxes, so you have more to put toward investments that will yield more money for you and your descendants. Building this kind of retirement is not always easy, though, and it takes a lot of insider knowledge about local, state, and federal tax codes. A.G. DuCros Advisory, LLC, is a boutique retirement firm that can help you put it all into perspective. Antoine G. DuCros helps his clients figure out how much they have, how much they owe in taxes, and what can be done to reduce those costs without crossing any lines. This isn’t about getting out of giving your fair share—you’ve already done that for your entire working life. Whether it’s an account conversion or a trust, there are numerous options available to achieve the life you’ve always wanted by the time you retire. If you’re wondering how to have a tax-free retirement, talking to a financial advisor about your portfolio is the first step.

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